Facility Rules

DECORATIONS: All decorations must be approved by the Chapel Host. Nails, tacks, staples, glue (including glue guns), or duct tape are not to be used on any surface. Consult with Chapel Host for approved methods of decoration attachment prior to installation. Releasing balloons is not allowed.  All decorations must be removed immediately after the event.

RICE, BIRDSEED, CONFETTI and GLITTER: The use of rice, birdseed, confetti and glitter or similar small solid material is not permitted in the Chapel or anywhere on the grounds due to the environmental impact on Puget Sound. This rule includes any attachments to decorations, flowers or clothing.  Bubbles and flower peddles are allowed.

KITCHEN USE: The Chapel kitchen is not a commercial kitchen and should only be used as a serving kitchen.  Use is limited to warming of previously cooked dishes, use of available space in the refrigerator and freezer, and use of any equipment except the dishwasher. Cutting or chopping on the counters is prohibited.  Dishes, flatware, utensils etc. owned by the Chapel are not available for use without a previously-contracted rental fee (see Chapel Manager for information on kitchen rentals prior to the event). Kitchen clean up, removal of all glass (bottles etc.) from the facility, and removal of all Lessee and/or Caterer owned materials are the responsibility of the Lessee and must be completed within the rental time frame. All trash must be bagged and placed in receptacles in the fenced area outside the front side door to the Chapel. If there are any questions regarding kitchen use, check with the Chapel Host. A minimum of $100 will be deducted from the security deposit in the event that any of the rules are violated.

FURNITURE USE: Set-Up of all tables, chairs, and other furnishings is the responsibility of the Lessee under the supervision of the Chapel Host. At the end of the event, all tables, chairs, and other furnishings are to be returned to the storage area or place of origin. Leave the large buffet table set up.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: The Lessee is responsible for all personal belongings and it is requested that personal valuables be stored for safety during the event. Please contact Chapel Host if a secure storage area is required.  Any personal items stored anywhere in the facility is at the risk of the owner. At the end of the event, check all rest rooms, dressing areas, kitchen (including refrigerator, freezer, oven, etc.), reception area, the main floor, and the grounds for personal belongings. The Chapel is not responsible for loss of any Lessee property nor for the loss of any property of any invited guest, contractor, employee, or other attendee at Lessor’s event.

STAFFING:  The Chapel Manager is responsible for all pre-event items and should be your contact up until the day of the event. All special requests must be approved by the Chapel Manager prior to the event.  A Chapel Host will be assigned to be present on the day of the rental and will responsible for handling items on the day of the event. The Chapel Host does not have authority to approve special requests.  The Chapel Manager and Chapel Host are employees and/or board volunteers of the Fox Island Chapel Preservation Society.

FACILITY BOUNDARIES: The Lessee and the Lessees party must honor the boundaries of the facility including the beach. The facility is located in a residential area with private properties on both sides.  No swimming is allowed due to safety and insurance restrictions.

SANCTUARY AREA LIMITATIONS: Food and beverages are not allowed in the sanctuary area or the main floor. Use of the Piano is restricted to trained adults.  Piano recital use must be under adult supervision.  Nothing is ever to be placed on the Piano.

NON-SMOKING FACILITY: The Chapel is a non-smoking facility. Smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere on the Chapel property including the grounds and beach. A cigarette receptacle is available to place at the end of the driveway and all cigarette butts need to be disposed of in the cigarette receptacle.

PARKING:  The Chapel parking lot holds 10 vehicles. Parking is also allowed on 6th Avenue.  Cars are to be parked perpendicular on the west side, and parallel on the east side of the road.  Guests are not to block driveways or mailboxes.  Parking is not allowed in the cul-de-sac near the Chapel parking lot or anywhere on 6th Court. You may wish to have someone responsible for directing traffic during your event.

NOISE CONTROL: The Fox Island Chapel is located in a residential neighborhood of unincorporated Pierce County. The County enforces a noise ordinance that sets community standards for sound levels so that all people can enjoy our neighborhoods. Excessive noise interrupts residents from enjoying Fox Island’s natural environment. Noises that last longer than one minute or are distinctly louder than other noises in the area are likely noise violations. Common noise violations include talking or music that can be heard from more than 100 feet away. The Chapel Host will monitor noise, if necessary. The Lessee must reduce the noise if asked to do so. Noise complaints represent a serious risk to the Chapel’s ability to hold events. Disregarding any request to reduce noise levels either from the Chapel Host or law enforcement will result in forfeiture of the entire amount of the security deposit.

RULES REGARDING ALCOHOL: The dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Fox Island Chapel is subject to the rules established by the Pierce County Office of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.   The use and distribution of any alcohol is prohibited anywhere on the facility unless a Banquet Permit has been purchased from the Washington State Liquor Control Board for the event.  A copy of this permit must be supplied to the Fox Island Chapel no later than two weeks prior to the rental date.

Consumption is authorized only in conjunction with a reception. Any authorized use and distribution of alcohol is limited to the reception hall located on the lower floor of the Chapel and/or the lower garden area. Alcohol is not allowed on the upper floor of the Chapel, on stairs or walkways, in the parking area, or on the beach. The alcohol being served is limited to bottled/canned beer and bottled or boxed wine/champagne.  Beer kegs and champagne fountains are not permitted. Open serving bottles or carafes cannot be placed on tables. All alcohol is to be dispensed by someone holding a WA Alcohol Server Permit. Bar service must end thirty minutes prior to the event end time specified on the Rental Agreement.  It’s the Lessee’s responsibility to make sure to clean everything including removal of containers.  The lessee is responsible for the actions and clean-up of the caterer.

Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to be served or consume alcohol at the Fox Island Chapel. State Law requires that the bartender or person serving alcohol check ID to verify legal age.  We reserve the right to stop distribution of alcohol if there is over consumption. If persons under the age of 21 are observed consuming alcohol, the Pierce County Sheriff will be summoned to handle the situation according to state law and your event will end immediately with forfeiture of the entire amount of the Security Deposit. Other charges may result.

OTHER PIERCE COUNTY ORDINANCES: The Lessor reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement and to evict the Lessee and/or any other members of the party from the premises at any time if, during the course of the use of the Facility, any Pierce County ordinances are violated or any other law violations occur, including, but not limited to the use or sale of illegal substances or the sale of liquor.  The Lessor further reserves the right to evict the Lessee and/or their guests upon request of Pierce County law enforcement officials or the Chapel Host due to any unsafe or disruptive conditions that are being conducted on the Facility grounds by the Lessee and/or their guests.  In the event of the termination of the event for any of the reasons set forth in this paragraph, there will be no refunds of any rental fees or deposits paid.